Our share offer

We’re working in partnership with the Schools’ Energy Co-operative to take forward our portfolio of solar PV sites in Salisbury. These are:
  • Amesbury Primary School
  • Bishop Wordsworth School
  • Cathedral Cloisters
  • Kong/Highposts
  • Riverbourne Community Farm
  • St Martins Junior School
  • Wiltshire College (Salisbury)
The total capacity of these sites is approximately 284kW. All sites have been ‘pre-registered’ with Ofgem so they’re eligible to receive the government Feed-in Tariff.
The Schools’ Energy Co-operative was launched in 2014 to provide community-sourced funding for and community engagement in solar panel systems on schools throughout England. It now has arrays on 62 schools across the country, with many others in the pipeline.
The Schools’ Energy Co-operative will take on the installation, the logistics and the ongoing maintenance of our sites, while we will continue to find new sites for renewable energy installation, engaging the community in tackling climate change.
We're now launching a joint community share offer with the Schools’ Energy Co-operative. We’ll be in touch with all our existing members and contacts about this.

You'll also need to download the Salisbury supplement to the share offer document.

SCE Share Offer Brochure.pdf

If you'd like us to send you a printed version of the share offer document and Salisbury supplement, please complete below with details of your name, address and postcode.

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