Our share offer is now open!

Earn 4.5% on your savings and help put solar PV on seven sites. Initial target £227,000. Limited time to apply: offer closes on 15th December.


Salisbury Community Energy Limited (SCE) was registered as a Community Benefit Society in March 2017.

There is an increasingly urgent need to accelerate the transition to a renewable energy economy, and to challenge resistance to change. Salisbury is a key location for climate change impacts, coming within a few millimetres of a disastrous city centre flood in February 2015.

The aim of SCE is to drive the uptake of renewable energy in the Salisbury area and to provide an opportunity to invest in profitable green energy generation schemes locally. This involves planning, financing and delivering projects as a community enterprise. We will use our profits to set up a community fund with a particular focus on flood resilience and education.

SCE has been inspired by the success of neighbouring Nadder Community Energy. We also benefit from the expertise within Salisbury Transition City.

We are now launching a community share offer with our partner, Schools Energy Co-operative, so please go to our share offer page to register your interest now.