Share Offer Results

Our share offer with Schools’ Energy Co-op is now closed. It has been a resounding success. The national target, originally set at £510,000, to install solar on schools all over the UK, has been exceeded: £690,163 was invested. The Salisbury investment, as part of that, totals £213K (£212,925). 

Well done Salisbury! Thank you to all our investors for joining us in the first ever community energy share offer here. 

Progress on installing the Salisbury sites has been good. St Martin’s Primary School and Kong, High Posts, have both been installed and commissioned (switched on). Bishop Wordsworth School is underway. Although the Wiltshire College, Salisbury, installation had an issue due to Storm Brendan, this is now back on track. The Cathedral Cloisters project is moving forward. We may have to do Amesbury Primary School and Riverbourne in our next tranche as roofs have not passed a structural survey, though remediation is feasible.

Salisbury Community Energy Limited (SCE) was registered as a Community Benefit Society in March 2017. SCE’s purpose is to drive the uptake of renewable energy locally to fight climate change.

We aim to provide opportunities to invest in profitable green energy generation schemes locally. We are currently working with our partner Schools’ Energy Co-op (SEC) to finance and deliver a project comprising seven solar sites as a community enterprise. See our share offer page here.

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